fredag 4 juli 2014


What inspires YOU?
I had a great day at the Swedish railway museum last week, filled with steam engines, 
trains, old cars and motorcycles and a Steampunk exhibition......that was my inspiration 
for this strange creation. A steampunk inspired wine dispenser I call him YNo.1 

I addition, it was a great project to test my new Fluid Acrylics and different mediums 
from the new Media Line by DecoArt. I went through my stash of scrap, junk, flea 
market finds and other strange things and this is the result.

The box made from foam board. A first coat of black acrylic paint then
a coat of Weathered Wood Crackle Medium. When the Crackle medium was dry I
applied a coat of Cadmium Red Hue and a top coat of Quinacridone Gold.

I always knew this old pressure gauge would come in handy someday LOL

One of my absolute favorites in the new Media Line is the Antiquing creams.
An easy way to get a tarnished, distressed and rusty look....the draw latch was first
painted with black acrylic paint then a coat of English Red Oxide Antiquing cream,
when dry I wiped back the Antiquing cream with a damp soft cloth.

A piece of chipboard covered in Texture Sand Paste. Painted in black and 
of course Red English  Oxide Antiquing cream. The R and W are old typewriter
keys. (R for red and W for white) A plastic cog from an alarm clock to hold the 
"rusty plate" in place.

 Everything is glued into place with hot glue.

Ignition breaker points......

An old Camera Shutter Release Cable and some metal parts.

The main switch....two lids from juice cartons, painted with Carbon
Black and then dry brushed with Metallic Gold.

A typewriter ribbon spool, a wheel from a toy motorcycle and a button.

The drive belt is really a black metal sleeve holder.

Chess pieces for feet. 

The corner reinforcements covered with Patina Green Antiquing cream.

An advanced warning system.....

The "machine" runs on gold pellets.....(golden microbeads)

A white plastic extractor fan painted black and dry brushed in gold. 
The fan blades painted with Cobalt Turquoise Hue, covered in Crackle Glaze.
Black Antiquing Cream to highlight the cracks. Two buttons in the middle.

Texture Sand Paste and English Red Antiquing Cream.

A plastic bowl, a lid from a mason jar and a glass dome on top.

The plastic bowl first painted with Titanium White then a thin coat of 
Quinacridone Gold. Crackle Glaze on top and Carbon Black Antiquing cream.

Cogs and gears and some rhinestones under the glass dome.

Nothing exciting on the back.....

Patina Green Antiquing cream on a metal ornament...

A 3 liter "bag in box" wine bag fits perfectley inside the "machine" 

This is how it all started.........